How does the set up process work?

Once you’ve selected your subscription level, Firepermits.com customer service will be in touch to set up your site. At that time we’ll ask about the url you’d like for the site, your department’s logo, a picture of the Chief of the department, and preferred department colors. Your new site can be deployed in 72 hours.

How long will it take to setup my Firepermits.com portal?

From the time you contact us about your interest in the site to the time the site can launch is about 72 hours. Keep in mind, however, that the permits on the site will need to be customized for your department. Firepermits.com offers assistance for this for an additional fee.

What is the functionality of the burn permit system?

On your Firepermits.com portal you’ll be able to approve burn permit applications submitted online with one-click or deny them if applicable. The applicant will be automatically notified via email that they have been approved or denied.

If someone has been approved for a burn permit they can then go into their client portal and activate a burn, which will show in the permit manager area of the firepermits.com site. Additionally, you can view all active burns on a map.

Firepermits.com also allows you to update the homepage of the website with a notice that burning is not allowed due to weather conditions, or other reasons, and prevent people from activating a burn permit if conditions don’t allow.

What if burning conditions are unsafe?

The Firepermits.com portal allows you to disable registration for active burns on days when burning conditions are unsafe.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please email info@firepermits.com to request a cancellation of your subscription.

How is private information entered on the site managed?

Any personal data entered into the system that is stored is protected by SSL, and all firepermits.com portal site servers are located in secure data centers.

What if a resident doesn’t have access to a computer?

Simple! A resident who does not have a computer will have to call the fire department and make the permit request. A permit can be created by the FirePermits.com admin and be tracked in the permit manager.

On days that person is burning, he/she will need to call the fire department so the permit can be activated. We recommend setting up one admin account for recording permits of those with no computer so these permits are all in one place.

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